Virtual Meeting – April 13, 2015

Thank you for your participation!

The Sport Shooting Partnership held a “Virtual Meeting” on April 13, 2015 from 6-8 p.m. – you can watch an archived version of this meeting and view the PowerPoint presentation which was displayed during the meeting.




You can view the comments we received as of April 13, 2015 at 4:30 p.m. and additional comments will be added as they are received.

You are encouraged to continue providing comments and questions to the Partnership. Future meetings and next steps will be announced here and through the email listserv.

Watch a few videos we created explaining the Partnership and our Strategy for moving forward.

What is a Virtual Meeting?

The goal of the Virtual Meeting is to provide a way for as many people to share their thoughts and questions about the NFRRSSMP Strategy as possible.

Webstreaming meetings allows a large number of people to view the meeting without having to travel to attend the meeting in person. This also allows us to archive the video for anyone to view at a later date.

What was the topic of the April 13, 2015 Virtual Meeting?

We asked for input about the Sport Shooting Partnership’s Strategy for moving forward. The Strategy consists of three key pieces:

  1. Each county (Larimer, Boulder, Gilpin and Clear Creek) will identify potential designated shooting areas.
  2. The Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests will begin an analysis on how to provide safe, sustainable Recreational Sport Shooting opportunities while providing for the health and safety of recreationists and residents.
  3. The Partnership will provide information and education for safe and responsible shooting.

The goal was to gauge if the Partnership is moving in the right direction and if there are other components the NFRRSSMP should be considering when moving forward or other comments with regard to our future plans. This meeting was to discuss high-level, policy issues and did not discuss specifics to do with closures, noise, litter etc. For site-specific shooting conflict concerns please contact local law enforcement or the U.S. Forest Service.

A few “live” comments were taken during the Virtual Meeting and additional comments can be submitted via email, Facebook or Twitter or by calling 720-564-2642.

***To make an official comment on the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests proposal to include Forest Plan management direction for recreational sport shooting activities on National Forest System lands in Boulder, Clear Creek, Gilpin, Grand, Jefferson, Larimer and Park counties, you must go to***