Educational video series for safe target shooting on public lands. Check out all 5 videos!

The following videos will give background about the Partnership and provide a Strategy for moving forward:

The Strategy consists of three key pieces:

  1. Each county (Larimer, Boulder, Gilpin and Clear Creek) will identify potential designated shooting areas.
  2. The Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests will begin an analysis on how to provide safe, sustainable Recreational Sport Shooting opportunities while providing for the health and safety of recreationists and residents.
  3. The Partnership will provide information and education for safe and responsible shooting.

Virtual Meetings

Watch the 2-hour video of the Virtual Meeting hosted on April 13, 2015. This meeting was for the Partners to answer questions and comments submitted by the public. More than 270 comments were submitted to the group and those comments were grouped into roughly 30 overarching categories. Project Coordinator, Garry Sanfacon, facilitated a question & answer session with the Partners to discuss those major topics.