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Forest Service (Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests)

Devil’s Nose Shooting Range

The Arapaho National Forest’s Clear Creek Ranger District is excited to announce construction is underway on the Devil’s Nose Shooting Range, located adjacent to Highway 103 and approximately 1.5 miles northeast of Echo Lake. The District is seeking submissions to provide management services at the new Devil’s Nose Target Range currently under construction. Read more…

People in the area should expect to see dust from construction, including occasional blasting. There will likely be an increase in traffic along Highway 103. When completed, the shooting range will include three shooting galleries (25-yards, 50-75 yards and 100 yards), each with shooting benches, and other amenities to provide for a safe shooting experience.

This construction is an exciting step forward in implementing the 2019 Recreational Sport Shooting Project Decision. Construction is expected to take place through fall 2022, with an opening anticipated sometime in 2023.

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Larimer County

Larimer County is forming a committee to explore possible range sites.

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Clear Creek County

The Clear Creek Shooting Range Project made significant progress on September 6, 2022! Three important steps were completed which started Phase II of the Project.

The first step was the approval by the Clear Creek Board of County Commissioners of an $860,000 grant from Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Phase II will involve completing the design and engineering work, lead mitigation and removal, site work, and renovations to the range. Range improvements will include 45 public shooting lanes, 2 action bays, and a new clubhouse with restrooms, a classroom, office space and a small retail area.

The Clear Creek Board of County Commissioners also approved a contract with EV Studio to provide the final design and engineering for the new facility. The scope of work includes review, analysis, consultation, and all architectural, civil and structural engineering required for state and local permitting.

The third success was the approval by the Gilpin Board of County Commissioners of the Intergovernmental Agreement with Clear Creek County. This document outlines the terms for transferring their committed match of $400,000 to the Project as part of the CPW Grant application. The IGA is scheduled on the Clear Creek BOCC’s agenda for consideration on October 4, 2022. This multi-jurisdictional approach to the Project will accomplish the closure of unsafe shooting areas identified on US Forest Service lands in Clear Creek and Gilpin County.

Clear Creek and Gilpin will be applying for a Colorado Parks and Wildlife construction grant in February 2023 to complete the Project. The new public shooting range is expected to be open to the public in mid-2024.

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Boulder County

In December 2020, the County Commissioners approved the Boulder Rifle Club’s land use application (phase 1 only) to construct a public range that would include 25, 50 and 100 meter ranges. The Commissioners set aside one million dollars for construction in the 2022 Budget. The Boulder Rifle Club has been awarded over $1.3 million from Colorado Parks and Wildlife for range construction. The estimated cost to build the public range is $5 million. The County is exploring other funding sources.

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Colorado Parks & Wildlife

In 2022, Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) awarded $909,987 to eight shooting range projects across Colorado through the agency’s Shooting Range Development Program (SRDG). The funds will go toward developing new shooting ranges and upgrading existing ranges. CPW awarded the Boulder Rifle Club two grants, one for construction and one for planning and permitting.

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