Site Review

Site Review Information

**If you’re looking for Alternative Maps as part of the Forest Service Recreational Sport Shooting Management Plan please visit this page**

It is imperative that the public understand that we are at the beginning stage of the process to determine possible sites for shooting facilities. Before any decision regarding the development of a shooting facility is made, a thorough site-specific analysis will need to be conducted to determine if such development is appropriate, this would include safety and environmental analysis among other criteria. There may be areas that meet the preliminary criteria but site-specific issues are discovered that make it difficult to develop a shooting area. In addition, there may be sites that did not meet all of the criteria, but may still be appropriate after further analysis.

  • Preliminary Criteria for Identifying Potential Opportunities for Developed Shooting Areas
  • Site-Specific Considerations for Evaluating the Suitability of Developed Shooting Areas


  • Dispersed Shooting: Random and dispersed shooting that occurs throughout public lands, except in firearms closure areas.
  • Designated shooting area: An area or a facility designated for firearms practice that is not typically overseen by supervisory personnel.
  • Shooting range or firing range: A specialized facility designed for firearms practice. Each facility is typically overseen by one or more supervisory personnel, called variously a range master or “RSO – Range Safety Officer.”

Maps of Sites that meet Preliminary Criteria

These maps are preliminary drafts presented to the public during Partnership’s open houses. No decisions have been made regarding these maps or the areas identified therein. The purpose of these maps was to introduce the public to the Partnership, initial selection criteria and sports shooting options in general. Our mapping efforts are an ongoing work in progress and these maps will be replaced with additional public maps as they are made available.

  • Boulder County – July 2015
  • Clear Creek County – July 2013
  • Gilpin County – June 2013
  • Larimer County – Aug. 2013

Public Comment

  • Public Comment Received Through August 10, 2013
  • Public Comment Received for the April 13, 2015 Virtual Meeting

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